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Rise of Smart

"Machines will replace humans in many rote and repetitive tasks"

Humans need not apply
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to internet

Each individual, on average, will have more than 1,000 devices that are connected to the internet by 2040

SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son

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65% of children entering primary school today will ultimately end up working in completely new job types that don't yet exist.
The future jobs report by world economic forum

India will be the 2nd Largest
Economy in the World

India will have the youngest and the largest workforce in the world

Goldman Sachs Study

Preparing for the future
Being Future-Ready
A Legacy of Academic Excellence
HBK prides itself on its long-standing academic reputation going all the way back to the times of our great forefounders - Respected Shri H.B. Kapadia Saheb who pioneered the foundation of The H.B.Kapadia New High School in the year 1956 at Shahibaug, Ahmedabad, and his son respected Shri N.H.Kapdia Saheb who carried forward the legacy by igniting thousands of young minds.
For the past 60 years our academic reputation at all grade levels is unmatched in Gujarat.
Success at HBK
Our board results are consistently among the best in the state. Many children leave HBK having achieved academic levels well beyond the average of their age. By regularly assessing all our children, we ensure that learning is shaped to challenge each child whilst reflecting their individual strengths and needs. We keep parents regularly updated on their children’s progress and achievements.
  • 129 Board Ranks till year 2010
  • 963 A1 Grades in boards till date
  • 37% of Ahmedabad 12th Science toppers from HBK
  • 21% of Ahmedabad 10th toppers from HBK
  • 20% of Ahmedabad 12th Commerce toppers from HBK

Fresh Thinking

HBK has evolved through the years in response to the ever - changing needs of the society. Today, we are again at a time where we are reimagining the education so as to make our children future-proof. In rethinking of how our school should be, we studied many future trends, research reports, and spoke to many industry leaders to better understand what young people need to succeed in the future. We learned that students will need to build many competencies and values along with their literacy skills to lead and innovate in future. So, at the H.B. Kapadia New High School, we are re-creating a learning environment to ensure that children are prepared to embrace the opportunities and challenges ahead, so that they can transform the future of their communities and country.

Future Success with 4Cs

Research has shown that four most important 21st century skills for students to have are critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity.


Our Dual Academic Pathway enables secondary students to take greater control of their education, allowing them to choose an academic format to suit their learning styles and to customise their qualification towards their aspirations.

All class 9 students are offered with the choice to pursue CBSE or IGCSE or State academic programme.

Regardless of the elected pathways, students are supported by talented, experienced and passionate teachers. All students enjoy the advantage of studying in a school which makes them future-ready.

21st Century School Design
The learning spaces have been designed in a way for children to immerse in the hands-on learning experience.
Art & Craft Space
Kids tend to be more imaginative than adults and hence boosting their creativity and transforming their ideas into an innovative form becomes official at this stage. The art and craft space provides an opportunity for kids to explore their surroundings and build curiosity in them while having fun with colors and craft materials.
Market & Drama Space
The set up at this space inspires kids to do various role plays of professionals or characters surrounding them. Market & Drama space focuses on improving communication skills and giving real-life environment to learn transactions and necessary vocabulary.
Kitchen Space
Kitchen space is specifically designed for young children to practically learn about hygiene, table etiquettes, healthy food and nutrients, the science behind food, measurements, food textures and more. This space allows kids to experiment with various kitchen ingredients and develop basic culinary skills along with sensory and cognitive skills.
Sports at HBK is more than a pastime and healthy activity; it is also in which our students can experience success and failure, realise their dreams and aspirations, and strengthen their teamwork skills and camaraderie in pursuit of their goals. The lessons learnt from participation in sports are invaluable for personal development and provide a valuable skill set to learning and achievement in all other areas of school life.
The classrooms are designed for collaborative learning
The classrooms are designed for teachers and students to better engage with each other in an active and technology-rich learning environment.
Library as centre for active learning
Where traditional libraries are often characterised as places of silent, independent study, our library is a welcoming common space that encourages exploration, creation, and collaboration between students and teachers.